What Are The Common Varieties Of Mushrooms? Here Is A List For You.

There is no other vegetable that can substitute for the meaty, earthy, and crunchy mushrooms. If prepared well, mushrooms can enhance the flavor of any meal in which you add mushrooms. There are more than two thousand species that grow in the wild. However, few are commonly used in soups, pasta, gravies, or salads. Here we will discuss the most common mushrooms that are available in the market and how they can benefit you. The details are as following;

1. Reishi mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms are generally farmed in Asia. They contain numerous health benefits in them as they are high in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. They can help to improve the immune system, shrink the cancer glands, relieving skin allergies, maintaining the blood sugar levels and cholesterol and aid the natural sleep as well. You can boil them and serve with stakes. Slice these mushrooms and make a healthy salad together with greeny vegetables, baby tomatoes, and goat cheese. You can grind the dried reishi mushrooms and add the powder in milk to make a wholesome supplement.

2. Lions Mane mushrooms

Lion’s mane mushrooms help both our brain and body. They help in relieving depression and anxiety, cure chronic fatigue, boost the immune system, improve the digestion function, and fight with the symptoms of dementia. They taste a little bitter, so it is better to boil them first before adding them in soups or gravies or salads. You can even sauté or bake the boiled lion’s mane mushrooms as well.

3. Shiitake mushrooms

Composed of minerals, fiber, potassium, and other vital nutrients, shiitake mushrooms are evenly good in both dried and fresh form. They can help in fighting with cancer as they have high antioxidant glands. If bought fresh, cut off their stem, sauté them with butter or oil, and add them in any dish you like. Shiitake mushrooms greatly complement soups and stir-fried chicken. You can add dried shiitakes in your milk or marinations.

4. Portabella mushrooms

Portabellas are the mature version of white buttons. Creminis, portabellas, and white buttons are from the same family of species. There is a difference in maturity only. You can substitute the meat with these mushrooms and grill them, boil them, saute them, or mix with red sauce and pasta. They will benefit you with their rich Vitamin B and D properties, and you will always enjoy their delectable meaty texture.

5. Cremini mushrooms

Cremini mushrooms are somewhat mature than white button mushrooms but have a similar earthy flavor and meaty and firmer texture. They greatly compliment the soups, casseroles, stews, and other dished that are high in liquid content. Dont use their stem while adding to your gravies as they may taste bitter. Use the caps only.

6. White button mushrooms

White button mushrooms are the most commonly available variety of mushrooms. You can easily found them in the grocery stores or the takeout meals, and they have a somewhat bland and spongy texture. However, if cooked correctly, they can benefit you with the ultimate crunch together with a unique earthy flavor and proteins. Rinse the button mushrooms first and then sauté them with butter or oil and add in pasta or gravies or mix with salads.

7. Morels

Morels are the mushrooms for which people hunt in the forests every spring. They grow in the trees and damp soil and are as delicious to eat as they are fun to find. Morels are a bit on the pricey side. If you prefer to hunt the morels, then be sure to collect the edible ones. You can stumble upon the poisonous mushrooms as well that look exactly like edible ones. However, the false morels have gills on their stem. These mushrooms are rich with nutrients that help in strengthening the immunity system and relieving the headaches, and chronic fatigue. Saute morels in olive oil or mix with heavy cream and pasta and enjoy with white wine.

Final Remarks

Mushrooms are a healthy and delicious option. It is simple to cook mushrooms. Add mushrooms in your meals and make your meals exotic and flavorful. You might also be interested in this press release where a ‘medicinal mushroom benefits expert’ talks about 3 mushrooms that will boost your brain function.