How To Slow Cellular Aging Using Stem Cell Supplements

How To Slow Cellular Aging Using Stem Cell Supplements?

understand how stem cell supplements can slow down aging, it is essential to know
how aging works. Aging tissues tend to experience a decline in homeostatic as
well as regenerative capabilities. The latest crop of stem cell supplements can
slow down aging by attacking the issue from multiple fronts, something well
explain in the article.

The Aging Mechanism

We all
have adult stem cells that are responsible for repairing diseased and injured
tissue. However, as we become older, there is a decline in this self-repair
mechanism. As the ability to repair goes down, age-related diseases start
taking hold. Thats why diseases like cancer, auto-immune, cognitive issues,
and neurological conditions are often associated and become more pronounced
with age.

One of the
most common threads in the aging mechanism is inflammation. Inflammation affects
in different ways by modifying the various pathways. The pathways control which
genes are turned off and on. So, increased inflammation leads to diseases.

The other
major culprit of aging is telomere damage. Telomeres are the tail ends of the
DNA. Every time a cell divides, the length shortens and continues this way
until we die.

The other
important piece of the puzzle is the mTOR pathway, which has attracted the
interest of many in the anti-aging field. The term stands for
the mechanistic target of rapamycin,
which was isolated in the 1970s.

points to the fact that the mTORs role is far beyond just coordinating the
cells metabolic program and proliferation. It has a lot to do with aging and
age-related processes like stem cell function, cellular senescence, and

So, by
inhibiting the mTOR complex 1, it is possible to increase the lifespan of an
organism, something which has been observed in mammals. Also, many recent
studies point to the effects of mTOR inhibition.

How to Stem Cell Supplements Factor into Slowing Down Aging?

Stem cell
supplements, for the most part, work on the mTOR pathway. By doing so, they
have a direct effect on not just aging but also other aspects of living like the
quality of life. Depending on the supplements you use, not only do these
supplements slow down cellular degeneration which increases energy, improves
the immune system and makes a person feel younger, but they do all of that
without any adverse effects.

Many of
the stem cell supplements indirectly work on improving and lengthening adult
stem cells. So, even if the supplements are taken by older people, it can help
them stay healthier for longer, recover from injury better, and perhaps extend
their life. However, the supplements are most effective for young people as it
allows them to essentially stay younger for longer while avoiding all the
illnesses associated with aging.


there are an array of antiaging drugs like Metformin and rapamycin, which have
been shown to be effective, the data is limited. No to mention that using them
requires a prescription, and there are adverse effects associated with them. On
the other hand, stem cell supplements have no adverse effects, are just as
effective, and have been studied just as much if not more making them more
viable for a long-term cure to aging life code rx .